Looking for Rhythm'n'Blues, Rockabilly & Swing?

"Miss Rhythm Sophie", red hot rhythm and blues chirp of Budapest, Hungary, the most exciting young singer on the scene, singin' the original 40's - 50's style Rhythm'n' Blues and Rock'n'Roll.
It didn't take a long time for her to became well-known of her fantastic voice and style, now she's touring in the country all the time, as well as all over Europe sometimes (she toured Croatia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands successfully), making radio and TV appearences regularly, and recording

excellent stuff from time to time.
She's a very versatile person, she can get you in the mood of the smoky bars of the 1920's when she sings the Blues only with a guitarist or a piano player; or she can make you scream and shout and have a ball when she sings them jumpin' Rhythm and Blues things with her combo. She even sings Gospel, Country and Western or sometimes Rockabilly as well.